PUBG Mobile Receives Halloween Update That Brings New Guns, Vehicles, & More!!

The game PUBG Mobile went through a series of updates that will offer more options within Battle Royale on these upcoming Halloween special weeks. New features implemented in conjunction with the theme include new weapons to increase damage power, vehicles and even much more intense gameplay than usual. #technews #pubgmobile

Primefit 7-Piece Blow Gun Kit Rubber | BG1003D-7

Rubber tip protects delicate surfaces from damage. Use the blow gun to clean garage floor, work bench and other areas. Use the needles and nozzles to inflate car tires, truck tires, tractor tires, bicycle tires, pool toys, sports balls, air mattresses and more. 1/4 inch NPT female inlet. Primefit 7-Piece[…]

Is M24 good PUBG?

The M24 can be seen as another option after the Kar98k, with lower damage but higher muzzle velocity, it has slightly more deviation when not aiming down the sights. … Nevertheless, the M24 is a valuable weapon that should be prioritized for its ability to deal large amounts of damage[…]

Snowfall / SNOWRIFTERS, Timon Sager

Snowfall / SNOWRIFTERS by Timon SagerVR.EnKy.ARGG01.SNOWFALL GATLING GUN Type: GATLING GUN Target acquisition: Auto / Single Defence: ARB / ARR / ARM Amount: 50 – 200 (7000 rpm) Impact: Shield Damage Damage: Max. Lvl 80 (200×0.4) A machine gun that fires automatic a burst of rounds. Can destroy the icicles[…]

Damage Radius – eBook

A criminal kingpin has taken over the streets of New Orleans and he’s not just dealing in guns, drugs and fixed fights–he’s handing out death warrants to all who refuse his orders. Before any more people disappear, Washington decides it’s time to shut this operation down, and Mack Bolan is[…]

Mickeyhead Popsicle silicone mold,

This mickey blank is 2″Mold is Ready to ship and will ship out in 1-2 business daysDO NOT!! Use torch to pop bubbles you may damage your mold and I will not be responsible for damaged molds. You may use a lighter or heat gun but don’t leave it to[…]

Picture memes i8DPPq6r6 — iFunny

Camgirl: Hey baby, you got something for me? Me: LEVEL REQUIREMENT: 18 lluallly Baby Maker :5 Damage Speed 1,4 1)? Magazine Size – +207. Neapon Reload Speed – Increased weapon stability. – Explode: like a grenade when reloaded. – popular memes on the site #borderlands #gaming